Direct Driller Magazine Issue 4 is out now

Published Jan 19, 2019 

Direct Driller Magazine Issue 4 is out now

Direct Driller Magazine Issue 4

Direct Driller Issue 4 is out now! You can read the digital version here:

Direct Driller - Issue 4 - January 2019

Direct Driller Magazine Issue 4 is out now

The first 3 issues have had a great reception and we hope that Issue 4 keeps the standard high. It has stayed at 100 pages and remains advertising light. Here are some of the articles in the Winter edition:

  • Soil Calcium and Soil Heath – the connection?
  • Getting the best out of a 750A
  • Field Pea Demonstration Trial
  • Options to improve water-use efficiency
  • Featured Farmer: Mark Lea
  • Pushing Performance with Biostimulants
  • Companion Cropping Boosts No-Till Profits
  • Farmer Focus: Steve Lear
  • Grazing Cropped Land
  • Lifting Whole Farm Profits at Howick
  • Using Temporary Electric Fencing
  • Soil and Water
  • Creating a Smarter Water Catchment
  • What's most important in your soil
  • Plowman's Folly: Part 2
  • Farmer Focus: Clive Bailye
  • AHDB: Why Does Healthy Soil Matter
  • AHDB: Aphids and BYDV management
  • AHDB: Assessing Machinery Policy
  • 3000ha per Year with a 3m Drill
  • Comparison of “standard row“ and “wide row“
  • ADAS - How to do an on Farm Trial
  • Project Xaver
  • Overbury Estate Open Day
  • Calcium Conference Highlights
  • NOCC 2018
  • Visit to Victors
  • Disc Verses Tine
  • Lessons from STAR and NFS

We want this to be a magazine that you actually want to read, content heavy and something that challenges you, a magazine you keep on your shelf and refer back to at a later date.

Over the next few weeks we will also be adding the content onto The Farming Forum in the Direct Drilling Section so if you have further questions or commentary on the articles you can ask or post them there.

We always welcome feedback (positive and negative), content suggestions and future ideas.

PDF Version

We have also had some requests from our overseas readers to be able to download a PDF version of the magazine so they can print it out for themselves. So here is the link to the PDF:

PDF Version of Direct Driller Issue 4

Register for the Magazine

If you would like the magazine delivered to your door or to your inbox then please register using the link below.

The Team

Initially being the idea of Clive Bailye and Chris Fellows, we now also have the support of Richard Harding, for content management, Mike Donovan as overall editor and Adam Millard on sales. Plus our growing team of Farmer Focus writers: Alex Shutes, Steve Lear, Tom Sewell, Andrew Howard, David White and Clive Bailye.

The Ethos

As a new farming magazine, Direct Driller has been designed by farmers for farmers to educate and inform ourselves and the industry about soil health and systems of reduced tillage. This will cover machinery, soil regeneration and soil conservation in arable and mixed farming situations. Articles just like this one:

Direct Driller Magazine Issue 4 is out now

For this to be possible, Direct Driller Magazine is available free to all UK farmers and agronomists who register with us (we make a small charge to cover costs for international readers who also want a printed copy).

Future Issues

The idea of Direct Driller Magazine is to collect and publish the ideas and enthusiasm that exists in the UK and indeed all around the world about soils and drilling. Sitting alongside the Groundswell Show (held in late June every year). You will hear from experts, academics and other farmers on how they have approached managing their land, what has and what hasn’t worked. This isn't just about pure zero-till, its about finding what works and how to evolve your farming practices over time, finding a system of reduced tillage that works for your soils. We do this by bringing together the various practitioners and interested parties to share ideas and experiences and to promote different ways of farming.

Issues will be published quarterly:

  • Spring 2019 - April
  • Summer 2019 - July
  • Autumn 2019 - October
  • Winter 2020 - January

Indeed, if you want to share your experiences then please apply to be one of our "Featured Farmer" or "Farmer Focus" writers in future editions. Whether this is talking about what you are doing on your farm, what you have seen on farm visits in other countries or what happened at an event you attended or spoke at.

Please send any emails to

Groundswell 2019

#GW19 Theme:

Conservation Agriculture. Practical ideas on how to farm in the new environmental and political climate whilst regenerating your core asset – the soil.

Put the dates in your diary - 26th and 26th June 2019

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