Do I Need to Insulate My Basement Walls?

Published Aug 18, 2022 

The basement is often an easy part of a home to manage. But there are some modifications you can make to better protect and use the space. You can insulate your basement and improve your home’s efficiency and energy, especially of your home is an older one. Through basement insulation you can reduce the amount of heating costs. Insulated basement walls and ceilings will help in preventing moisture problems, radon infiltration, and insect infestations.

When you add insulation to your basement, it will improve your home heating efficiency and keep your rooms at or above a more livable temperature. The main part of insulating your basement is which part you want. You may choose to tackle your entire basement or decide to only insulate the ceiling, walls, or floor. To get the best basement walls foam insulation consider hiring professional insulation experts.

The Importance of Insulating Basement Walls

There are a few reasons why basement wall insulation is essential and necessary. These range from energy conservation to code provisions in some areas. However, having a appropriately insulated basement must be a priority for homeowners.

1. Energy conservation

While it is often assumed that it is best to insulate the ceiling or floor of a basement, it is actually not the most adequate basement insulation method for the space. Your basement is more interconnected to your living space than you might imagine. With the floor between you and the basement, most of the air around you each day naturally rises from the space to the main floor.

That air also brings with it the temperature from the basement, and with this area of ​​the house not at least partially underground, it is usually significantly cooler in the basement than in the primary living spaces of the home.

2. Money saving

Insulating basement walls helps in saving money. When your energy usage will be reduced, so will your energy bills. The system is working more efficiently because of the foundation walls being covered with basement insulation, your HVAC system will:

  • Requires less maintenance

  • Lower monthly and annual costs over time

  • Endures longer due to more efficient performance

3. Increased comfort

With foundation walls properly insulating, and HVAC systems operating more efficiently, home comfort will improve as well. When a home is properly insulated, you don't have to worry about extra socks or a sharp drop in temperature in the winter. You can live more comfortably in your space, without adding up the heat and worrying about higher energy bills later.

Get Professional Assistance

The right type of basement insulation can reduce heating expenses, cut maintenance costs, and raise a home’s value. To get the best insulation for basement exterior walls, contact Spray Foam Kings. They ensures quality insulation service and timely installation of project. Whether you need insulation service for basement or attic, they have got you covered with their exceptional and budget-friendly insulation services. To explore their services, take a look at their website.