Do you know Alginate oligosaccharides?

Do you know Alginate oligosaccharides?

Published Nov 3, 2022 

Alginate oligosaccharide is light yellow brown powder, soluble in water and strong in stability. Alginate oligosaccharides have multiple biological functions and are widely used in medicine, food, daily chemicals, feed and agriculture.

It is an oligosaccharide derived from brown algae.

Alginate oligosaccharides are important signaling molecules in plants, which can promote plant growth and improve plant resistance to pests and diseases.

In the field of feed, brown algae oligosaccharides overcome the shortcomings of all previous antibiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, etc., with low dosage, pure natural, no residue and strong stability, and can improve the disease resistance of animal bodies and promote animal growth. It is an excellent feed additive for increasing animal nutrition.
Animal husbandry feed additives: pigs, cattle, chickens, etc. Aquaculture feed additives: sea cucumbers, abalone, prawns, etc.
In the agricultural field, algae oligosaccharides can stimulate the plant immune system, improve disease resistance, promote cell activation, and stimulate plant growth.


1) Good compatibility with the environment (easy to decompose in the environment, no residual effect, no adverse effect on the environment and ecological balance).
2) Good safety (raw materials come from natural marine plants, no chemical pollution).
3) Improve the disease resistance of plants, can induce plant disease resistance, improve plant disease resistance, reduce the application amount of chemicals
4) Promote plant growth, can break seed dormancy and promote germination; promote roots and stems leaf growth; protect flowers and fruits; promote fruit ripening.
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