Do you know what Strigolactone is ?Do you know the Benifit of Rac-GR24?

Do you know what Strigolactone is ?Do you know the Benifit of Rac-GR24?

Published Aug 17, 2022 

Strigolactones are a family of plant secondary metabolites whose first member strigol was isolated in 1966 from the root exudates of cotton and identified as the germination inducer for the parasitic weeds of Striga and Orobanchae species, so that suicidal germination of parasitic weeds controls the weed pests. Strigolactones are also shown to inhibit shoot branching and act as the key phytohormone influencing plant architecture.

Rac-GR24 (Strigolactones) is currently found to have the following effects:

1.As an environmental stimulus signal: can induce weed seed germination, for example: column when such parasitic weeds.
2.As an allelochemical material: can promote mycorrhizal growth, and plant better coordination of material transport and distribution. In addition, it was found that rhizobia nitrogen fixation efficiency may also have a certain relationship with Strigolactones.
3.As a hormone: plays an important role in controlling plant branching and hormonal coordination. The current research focuses on this aspect.
4.In addition, the latest discovery of Strigolactones and plant resistance to the important signal substance ABA cross in the pathway.
And it is also the classic classic ABC model in the transport of hormones also have a relationship,so Strigolactones is likely to be an important node substance in the plant hormone regulation network.

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