Drone based data collection

Drone based data collection

Updated Feb 18 

The global population is projected to reach over 9 billion by 2050.

Agricultural consumption is expected to increase by a massive 70%, a figure complicated by unpredictable weather patterns and natural disasters.

As farms become larger and need to be more efficient to meet the escalating demands, drones are proving invaluable in managing a farm’s vital operations and resources.

Drones assist in a range of tasks from analysis and planning to the subsequent monitoring of fields to ascertain health and growth.

Floods or pest damage can decimate a season’s profits if not dealt with early. Drone flights provide rapid and accurate assessments for insurance compensation.

At AgriFlight Drones we specialize in Multispectral mapping and we can save you time and money by monitoring your Field throughout the growing season.

When crops are in jeopardy every minute counts!

Responding quickly to identified areas is crucial to maximizing yields. With the current methods of scouting crops in the field, problem areas can be difficult to locate and assess in a timely manner. Drone technology allows you to act fast, focusing in on areas needing immediate attention.

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