F3 Tech adds Advanced Business Advisory Services to its Accelerator

F3 Tech adds Advanced Business Advisory Services to its Accelerator

Published Mar 21, 2022 

F3 Tech, a leading commercialization program for early and late-stage companies supported by the nonprofit Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center and the U.S. Economic Development Administration, has expanded its Accelerator to attract late-stage companies within the AgTech, CyberAg, Renewable Energy and the AgBioTech sectors who are in need of advanced business advisory services that include strategic industry alignment. The Accelerator will also be moving to a rolling consideration process to meet the urgent needs of early and late-stage companies and F3 Tech industry partners.

“Our aim is to provide enterprise-level advisory and investment services to companies that represent the greatest chance of commercial success and drive transformational advancements in the AgTech and related industries,” said F3 Tech Program Director Chris Hlubb. “Removing the fixed-date format, which most programs use, allows us to impact the success of companies and technologies more quickly compared to most other Accelerator programs.”

F3 Tech requires no equity from participants and receives no compensation for its business advisory services, a unique value proposition for many early-stage companies. F3 Tech’s enhanced focus will include:

· AgTech, CyberAg, Renewable Energy and AgBioTech Industry access

· Revenue strategy and execution

· Pilot program development with F3 Tech’s Industry partners to expand technology adoption

· Identifying new markets

· Investment strategy

· Guidance for executives and founders for potential company acquisition and/or commercial launch

Companies selected for the program will have the chance to receive non-dilutive capital investment for use in manufacturing and other CAPEX scaling initiatives that will expedite their commercialization strategy, while also promoting Maryland as an optimal location for advanced manufacturing facilities.

To apply for the F3 Tech Program, please visit: https://f3tech.org/program/accelerator/

About F3 Tech

The F3 Tech Accelerator Program is an initiative of the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC) which was developed in 2018. F3 Tech provides advanced business advisory support for early and late-stage companies to prepare them for potential investment, commercialization and collaboration with its industry partners, and investors. For more information, please visit: https://f3tech.org/

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