Farm Touring

Farm Touring

Published Sep 14 

We’re Farm Touring, just born out as a sustainable solution for farmers who are in distress and are experiencing series of crop failures due to worst impacts of climate change like floods, droughts etc.

Our website serves as market place for Farm Owners to sell Farm Tours & Stays to create additional income as part of farm income diversification.

Here is the link to the website.

We love farmers who are our food givers, its disheartening to see farmers and their next gen loosing interest in farming due to economic reasons. Existing platforms serving the similar needs aren’t global and charge hefty subscription fees or one time fees from farm owners.

And to solve for this, we’re serving global community, we encourage farmers from third world countries with farm issues to partner with us and we don’t charge Farm Owners with subscriptions or one time fees, instead we charge percentage commission from visitors bookings for our operations.

Calling all the farmers to look at our website, and list their farm if they like our product. We are always there to help list your farm and any other services you need from us.

Reach out to us to partner with us on other sustainable solutions ideas you have.

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