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Published Apr 29, 2020 

My name is Cara Randolph, founder of

In todays troubling times, I have developed a platform for our industry to unite our farmers, ranchers, services and property for sale to the consumer, while enabling you to share this and earn income from home promoting the site. Go to The Partners tab on the far right of

Here's a link to my youtube video for a humorous look into filming a promo video, of which I would prefer to be farming and ranching instead of in front of the camera, but must get it done.

Enjoy the laugh I make of myself and please share with anyone whom can learn to earn from home to save our farms and ranches and feed the American people that need to desperately understand the food source, the work we do and the love we have not only for our land and animals, but the love we have to nurture the food we raise for them to eat.

Thank you for reading, sharing and enacting on.

Cara Randolph

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