Financing for Solid Waste Management and Odour Control Plants

Financing for Solid Waste Management and Odour Control Plants

Financing for Solid Waste Management and Odour Control Plants

Published Jul 14 


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Financing and Lending for solid waste management projects can be pretty overwhelming for the city government, especially if the government see it as a critical part of the service they should render to the citizen and if the citizen also hold it as a basis for measuring the performance of the government and using it as one of the conditions for re-election.

Solid waste management is associated with bad smells. It is common for solid waste sites to be blamed for any bad odour in the area even if it doesn’t originate at the solid waste site. Residents also tend to oppose expansion plans for these sites. But odour control at solid waste management sites is possible. It begins with a clear understanding of the industry and an appreciation for the science behind how odours are caused. This must be followed up with an awareness of the solid waste site activities that result in odours being released into the atmosphere.

Once these factors are taken into account, atmospheric conditions must be monitored. For example, what is the prevailing wind direction? Lastly, experts are needed to match solid waste odour management solutions with the specific issues on the site.

Solid waste management can be analyze in two different categories. In general, waste management consists of pre-collection, collection, transportation, storage, treatment, and disposal. The modern hierarchy of waste management includes prevention, minimization, reuse, recycling, energy recovery, and disposal.

All these aspects require proper funding in rendering a good waste management service to the society. As citizens, we hardly give any thought to the different aspects and what it takes to ensure it is carried out efficiently and effectively.

Options for Financing a Solid Waste Management and odour Control Plants.

Options for financing a solid waste management and odour control projects are of different kinds. The option chosen will be dependent on various factors. The chief factor will be “what is the end goal of providing waste management service to citizen” and this is to be determined by the city government. Therefore, we say finance option is directly related to waste management goal of a city or State.

Universal Financing for Solid Waste Management and Odour Control Plants

Universal Financing of Solid waste management service is entirely by the government through budgetary allocation. The government determines how it will generate the cash for service and this can be through taxation or redistribution of funds generated from other sources like sales of city natural resources or combination of various sources of funds.

In developing countries, this is generally inefficient due to the corruption within the government and lack of proper waste management capabilities in most instances. The government might decide to charge a service fee or not.

Private Financing for Solid Waste Management and Odour Control Plants

This involves infusing funds from the private sector into solid waste management service and also overseeing day-to-day running of the service. However, the hired company will charge a service fee which will be determined by calculating the amount of invested funds, operating cost, and profit envisaged. This will be spread over a period of time.

This financing option can deliver optimal result in providing waste management service but the private sector needs to be checked in order not to set a high fee that will end up scaring citizens which might lead to citizen abhorring the service.

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for Solid Waste Management and Odour Control Plants

Financing for solid waste Management and odour control project thorough public-private partnerships (PPPs) is a special type of arrangement which brings together the government and private sector in providing funds and management capabilities for the delivery of waste management service. The solely private financing option. The PPP can equally be extended to be a Joint Venture (usually termed as Institutional PPP).

Grants for Waste Management and Odour Control Plants

Grants remains a funding platform that is dependent on the interest of the donor organization. While it is a good way to develop a city’s waste management infrastructure, attracting and utilizing grants is solely reliant on what the donor considers as important. Hence, it might be difficult for a city government to dictate how the funds should be distributed among the various aspect of waste management.

Waste Management and Odour Control Plants project finance:

Project finance is applicable to large projects requiring large investments. The origin of this method dates back to the 13th century, when England negotiated a loan to develop the Devon silver mines. In recent history, this method has become popular in the 1980s as a means of financing projects designed to meet infrastructure needs in emerging markets. In 1989, there were 170 known large projects financed with this technology, worth more than $ 23 billion. One of the most important among them was the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System project

The Benefits of Project Finance in Solid Waste Management and Odour Control Plants

Waste treatment services are in high demand, so before the start of the project there are clients willing to sign long-term contracts.

The contracts contain provisions that are strong, reliable and attractive enough to motivate banks to finance a project based on these contractual agreements. Thus, project finance for the construction of a waste processing plant can be beneficial for a developed country that has limited reserves of natural resources, but sufficient waste suitable for recovery of secondary materials. Many managers and business owners are faced with the question: what are the advantages of project finance over conventional finance? This scheme allows attracting significant investments

At Havelet Finance Limited, we promotes long-term investments with a minimum project initiator contribution and offers financing for the construction of waste processing plants around the world.

Financing a Solid waste management and odour control is quite dynamic just like many other services and infrastructure provided by a city government and the best option for financing the provision of Solid waste management service can only be made after appropriate due diligence and consultation with relevant stakeholders has been made and observed.

Our service includes,

• Long-term loans for up to 20 years.
• Organization of project finance (PF) schemes.
• Operations with letters of credit or bank guarantees.
• Financial modeling and consulting.
• Investment engineering.



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