Fish Gene Editing Service Now Available at Lifeasible

Published Oct 26, 2021 

Lifeasible, a biotechnology company specialized in agricultural science that offers a wide range of agro-related services and products for customers all over the world, recently announced the availability of fish gene editing service for help promote its customers’ scientific research progress.

In recent years, gene editing technologies have flourished, including zinc finger endonucleases (ZFNs), transcriptional activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs), and regular clusters. Efficient gene editing tools, such as clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR).

The ocean is a treasure trove of resources that mankind continues to explore. Many economic species in the ocean, such as fish, shrimp, shellfish, algae, etc., are delicious on the human table. However, with the increasing problem of overfishing and marine environmental pollution, the number of marine organisms is decreasing. The task of protecting marine organisms is urgent, and gene editing technology has shown broad application prospects in the fields of fish gene function research, animal disease control and breed improvement, and genetic disease gene therapy. At present, this kind of technology has made important breakthroughs in many model fish, and successfully developed new strains of yellow catfish with rapid growth, high meat quality, and large size, as well as many fish species with excellent characteristics.

Lifeasible has been deeply involved in the field of fish gene editing for many years, and has accumulated a wealth of theoretical and practical experience. Gene editing can be performed by Lifeasible on different fish species including Amphioxus, Lamprey, Danio rerio, Medaka, Tilapia, Monopterus, Ciona, Sturgeon, Salmon, Pelteobagrus Fulvidraco and pufferfish.

“We have been in the field of gene editing for many years and has gained rich experience in gene editing of crops, ornamental plants, forest trees, fish, edible fungi and other species. And services can be tailored according to your specific needs.” Commented Isla, one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.


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