Free amino acids fertilizer effects on fruits quality

Free amino acids fertilizer effects on fruits quality

Updated Feb 9 

Fruit appearance quality: the appearance, shape, size and color of the fruit.

The internal quality includes: flavor, aroma, sugar acid ratio, nutrient composition, storage and transportation performance etc.

A. how to improve fruit quality

1.improve fruit appearance quality

Amino acid can promote fruit uniform expansion , prevent the occurrence of deformed fruit,meanwhile ,could also promote fruit coloring and improve color.

1) reduce deformed fruits

Fruit deformity is mostly caused by lack of nutrients. Amino acid is a natural metal chelating agent, which can chelate the medium and micro nutrients in the soil, promote the absorption of crops, alleviate the symptoms of crop nutrient deficiency, and reduce the occurrence of deformed fruits

2) promote fruits coloring

The color of the fruit surface is related to the content of anthocyanins. Amino acids can promote the synthesis of soluble sugars and their accumulation in the fruit. The soluble sugars are the skeletons of anthocyanin synthesis. During the process of anthocyanin synthesis, they not only provide a carbon skeleton, but also combine with anthocyanins to form stable anthocyanins, which are stored in cell vacuoles to promote fruit coloring. In addition, phenylalanine is the precursor of anthocyanin synthesis, which can directly promote the synthesis of anthocyanins, thus increasing the content of anthocyanins and promoting fruit coloring.

3) improve fruit color

The fruit luster is related to the thickness of the wax layer on the outer surface of the epidermal cells. If It has good wax, thus will shows high reflectivity and good color. Organic acids are the prerequisite for wax synthesis. Amino acids form organic acids after glycolysis and other metabolic pathways, which can be directly used for wax synthesis and increase the fruit luster.

2.The internal quality

1)Increase fruit sweetness

Alanine, glutamic acid, glycine and lysine in amino acids can promote the synthesis of chlorophyll in leaves, regulate the opening of stomata, thus promoting leaf photosynthesis, promoting the synthesis of soluble sugar, and transferring to fruits to increase the sweetness of fruits.

2)Improve fruit aroma

Isoleucine and leucine are precursors of aromatic aroma, which synthesize aromatic substances in fruits to increase the aroma of fruits.

3)Increase the protein content of fruit

Amino acid is the smallest molecule for protein synthesis. Amino acid directly absorbed by crops can directly participate in protein synthesis, which is conducive to rapid protein synthesis.

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