Free word guessing Flagle game, currently very popular

Updated Mar 6 

Lady James
By Lady James

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The objective of the guessing game known as "Flagle" is to correctly identify the concealed national flag within six attempts. It was conceived as a result of playing the Wordle game. Yet, rather than attempting to guess the secret word, you will be asked to guess the flag. Following each of your guesses, another section of the flag will be shown to you in order to provide you with a tip on the correct flag.
Describe the design that appears on the flag of your country. What should be done with the flags of other nations, such as France and Gambia, and others?
The game Flagle is something you should look at right away if you are certain that you are familiar with the flags of a great number of countries located all around the world.

2nd version of the game: flagle-2