From Farm to Fork

From Farm to Fork

Published Jan 17, 2019 

According to UNOS 20 people die on average because of Organ Failure daily. In 2016 alone more than 7000 people died due to organ failure who was in the waiting list of organ transplant. According to the Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System (BFSS), obesity has increased 35% in the Seven States with West Virginia at the top with record 38.1% increase. Increase in obesity indirectly accounts to increase in cardiac arrests and other coronary diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other frightening complications. Has everyone ever wondered that why in this era, we are seeing an exponential rise in all these complications? The answer lies on our dining tables our cafeterias and restaurants. Every five years, US government issues dietary guidelines for Americans to eat healthily. The emphasis is always on unprocessed and whole foods that are free from preservatives and reduction in consumption of sugary drinks such as pop sodas. Farm to Fork is relatively a new concept but it is the solution to the nation’s declining health and precaution to reduce the number of deaths happening due to our eating habits.

Farm to Fork that seems new to us here is not actually a new concept. Our ancestors before the advent of Processed Foods and Sodas were much healthier and had a probability of longevity of life. The answer is that they were not munching on processed foods, high sodium and low calcium diet, sugary drinks and unhealthy fast food. The basic thought behind Farm to Fork or Form to Kitchen or Farm to Marketplace is that we should consume locally produced that are grown organically without pesticides and are served to us without preservatives that are harmful to health and E Fresco follows the same policy.

Our world is changing fast. But the downside of this change is that caliber and quality has been traded for continence. But the concept of Farm to Fork derives itself from a completely different yet logical mindset that prefers quality over ease and convenience and health over accessibility. The Dietary Guidelines of the US government states plainly that all food and beverage choices matters and implores Americans to choose high nutrient foods that could suffice for calorie requirement. Now keeping in view this guideline, what are we eating? Our breakfasts are comprised of high sugar cereals, our lunch is loaded with sodium, saturated fats and fast foods and our dinners are no good. Our snacks are high sugar bars and our deserts are processed and loaded with sugars. In this era, this movement that is now the leading trend in the world of nutrition is a breather of fresh air.

The basic concept behind Farm to Fork is that food is best when it is fresh. If you want to become part of this trend then you need to swap your processed and modified foods for local, natural, unmodified and unaltered produce, dairy and meats. The movement pioneers emphasize several goals of the movement that are given below:

· Keep the food natural nutritional quality and health benefits

· Ensuring the safety of food supply and uplifting in local farming community living standards by providing more access to their naturally grown foods

· Discarding all genetically modifying methods that come with a downside

· Encourage the diversity in the produce available regionally

· Decrease the carbon footprint by employing more natural methods that are environment-friendly

Of course, if we embrace this concept fully we will see a decline in the deaths and more better health of the population. As we underscored in the start that most of the health issues stem from obesity. The underlining cause of obesity is processed foods with high sugar and fat content, high sodium and white carbs and artificial flavors. This is very unfortunate that people’s life has become very hectic and many have opted for quick-fix options such as fast food and frozen dinners. These foods though come with convenience but have an inordinate amount of sodium, sugar and fats. This means that by consuming these foods, you are placing your health on the backburner and signing yourself for many complications.

By consuming these kinds of foods, you are actually increasing your chances of getting high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and even liver complications. Farm to Fork movement is largely customer driven. Now customers demand increased visibility into contents of their meal. They want to know where these products are procured and are not ready to compromise upon the quality. The advocates of Farm to Fork movement promise that switching your unhealthy diet of inappropriate sugars, empty calories and high sodium with natural, farm fresh diet that has been prepared with fresh ingredients work magic. It is kind of detox. It will get rid of all the synthesized chemicals and can even help in weight loss.

Many proponents of the movement emphasize improving your lifestyle and changing your eating habits by adopting this fundamental concept. This will not only help you live long with will also improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence. However, there is a downside to this as well. It has been noted that farm fresh foods are not readily available, difficult to find and hard to procure. This translates into additional costs. A research has shown that a normal meal that has been prepared with farm fresh foods may cost 12% to 15% more than the usual. But data also shows that people are now getting more aware of their fitness and are ready to pay some extra amount for the sake of their health.

In the Food production chain, food safety remains a major concern. In this world of innovation, we have virtual marketplaces that are putting everything in our pockets literally through their apps. E-Fresco is one such virtual marketplace. It is a platform to facilitate fruits and vegetable trading worldwide. It is not just a virtual marketplace but also has a physical presence worldwide and a mechanism to support farmers. E Fresco ( is not limited to just connecting farmers with customers. It also deals in logistics and quality of service and ensures food safety by implying new food-safety intervention strategies to manage food safety across the global supply chain.

So you want a better and healthier life? The choice is yours!


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Ammar Alshami Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jan 17, 2019
From Farm to Fork

From Farm to Fork

According to UNOS 20 people die on average because of Organ Failure daily. In 2016 alone more than 7000 people died due to organ failure who was in the waiting list of organ transplant. According to the Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System (BFSS),...

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