Game of champions

Published Feb 24 

We Our team works hard 365 days a year to provide customers with a convenient and stable gaming environment at

The Nine Commandments of Promise with Customers

1) High ranking in Google search box (check keywords: Champion Game, Lulu Game, Great Game, Clover Badugi, Badugi Game, Badugi Site, Online Badugi, Online Hold'em, Mobile Badugi, Cash/Private Badugi)

The VIP membership is non-recommended, but PC and mobile access is available

3) The first deposit return processing procedure ensures the highest level of reliability and safety (This is a structure that prohibits eating and running).

4) The game has been verified to have over 2,000 concurrent users

5) It has operational know-how to prevent accidents for more than 10 years and is unlike the wandering app!!

6) Availability of 24-hour consultation after signing up through '1:1 game inquiry'

7) Some examples of representative games are: the Champion Game, the Lulu Game, the Great Game, the Maldives Game, the Clover Game, the Beat Game, the Crayon Game, the Olive Game, the Sun City Game.

8) Types of games include Go, Texas Hold'em, Poker, Hit, Slot, Super Powerball, and Seotda.

9) The lowest deal rate in the industry

<Great Game (Clover Game) | Sign up for membership: "Without a referral" or "Enter a referral"

* From March 23, 22, Champion Game (Clover Game -> Great Game -> Lulu Game -> Champion Game) ( or

Clover Game ( has two ways to sign up.

All members will receive the same benefits.

Click here to sign up without a referral (click): => Click here to sign up without a referral

If you sign up for VIP without a referral, you will receive a Maldives Game (Maldives Game) + Champion Game (Lulu Game) account.

2) Become a referral (click): => Referrer: Connect

3) After searching for Champion Game (Lulu Game) on Google or Naver, enter "Connect" for the referral ID to sign up.

Click here to sign up for a membership in Bit Game

Bitgame ( requires a referral to participate in event benefits.

1) Go to the Referral sign up page: => Referrer: Progress

3) Join by searching for bit game on Google or Naver and entering "Jindo" as your referral ID.

Sign up for the Vitamin Game here:

The registration of additional members is difficult at the moment."

Users of vitamin games, clover games, or bit games

Subscriptions provide access to the same game environment.

1) Register for Champion Game (Lulu Game): => Sign up without a referral

2) Click here to sign up for Bitgame: => Referrer: Jindo

I appreciate your help. Please help.

* After signing up as a member, there is a procedure for handling returns. The only thing that needs to be done is to establish trust with customers.

It will never be necessary to follow this procedure if there is a scam.

* If you would read the free bulletin board notice regarding detailed registration procedures, we would be grateful.

The free bulletin boards 1 and 2 are now operational. More information will be provided through the link above.)

With the highest level of safety and trust for our customers, we will reward them.

* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the customer center is open for 1:1 inquiries. Do not be difficult and always charge the first charge in a place where we can be contacted and complaints can be handled.

On the site, there is a notice board. Please read it.

An error occurred when trying to access the membership registration site using a VPN.

There is no phone call request for membership registration, and all registrations are non-face-to-face.

Sim games should be comfortable, safe, and reliable.

* Please let us know if you experience any difficulties while registering as a member through a private chat in "Q&A" in bulletin board 1,2.

Through the bottom of the bulletin board, you can move to any page you want.

Poker online

Playing online hold'em

You can register for membership through the "VIP Subscription Center" above and the "VIP Subscription Center" below.

<Passwords to access, the strongest portal for Go games

* The Chrome browser does not support PC game membership registration using the keywords below.

PC games are recommended to be used as Explorer.


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Feb 24

Game of champions

We Our team works hard 365 days a year to provide customers with a convenient and stable gaming environment at Nine Commandments of Promise with Customers1) High ranking in Google search box (check keywords: Champion Game, Lulu Game, Great...

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