GroAloe is not just for Organic Farming

GroAloe is not just for Organic Farming

Published May 23, 2018  

GroAloe is 100% organic but that does not mean that it is just for organic farmers.  It is currently being used in Indonesia and Malaysia on commercial farms. We have just entered the Australian market, one of the worlds largest organic producers. 

What is a Texas Company doing in that part of the world you ask? Well in part by invitation.  GroAloe has been Tested extensively in Indonesia by the Rice Institute IRRI, and we have done side by side trial with the big guns.  The results you say?  Well we produced on average 50% more rice than the plots treated with chemicals.  Twice as many tillers, twice as many roots and longer.

Overall we have experienced higher yields, higher grain quality, and less problems with plagues like : Brown Leaf Spot and Sheath Blight. We have seen less insect problems and repelled other type predators like the Apple snail and a worm hatched from moth eggs.  This lands which has been over farmed for centuries have reduce fertilizer use exponentially (500kg per Ha to 2.5kg per Ha).   We have seen the return of the natural ecosystem of the soil return to normal with a more balanced pH, earth worms, rice eels, and microorganisms that are beneficial to plants and soil. 

Lab test have shown that we have reduced or almost eliminated chemical residue in the actual rice grain.  What more could you ask for?  Healthier plants higher yield, less fertilizers and pesticides.

We understand that land and quality of soils differ and that each user will be different results.  What we can say is that just soaking seeds in GroAloe should give you about a 10% increase in overall yields.

Quick mentioned that GroAloe has been thoroughly tested in the lab and field trials by Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center.

We are not a phytosanatary product, we are a soil amendment.  We help the soil and stimulate the plants own hormonal and immune system.  I also must mention that there is no GMO. We are USDA, OCIA certified organic, and we are pending certification by the OMRI.

I invite those of you who have glanced at this article to take a look at some of the results farmers have posted in Indonesia.

We sell GroAloe in 1gal. liquid form and freeze dried bags of 1kg. and for home and small growers 11gr sachets.

Interested in purchasing or becoming a dealer of Coats GroAloe send me a message and I will get you all the necessary information.

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