Havelet Finance Limited can help you get a Farm/Agricultural loan with bad credit

Havelet Finance Limited can help you get a Farm/Agricultural loan with bad credit

Havelet Finance Limited can help you get a Farm/Agricultural loan with bad credit

Published Apr 24, 2022 


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Havelet Finance Limited can help you get a Farm/Agricultural loan with bad credit

Havelet Finance Limited assist farmers to get Farm/Agricultural Loan even with bad credit Scores. Bad credit is notoriously a huge hurdle to getting a business loan, but Havelet Finance Limited can still still help you to obtain financing with a low credit score. Here’s how:

1. Find low-credit agricultural lenders.

Prospective farm owners can search for companies that lend to those with poor credit. Although good credit earns you better interest rates, lenders still approve those with bad credit albeit with higher APRs. Once your credit score improves, you could refinance the loan at a lower rate.

2. Gather proof of your farming experience (and be prepared to present it).

Government programs like the FSA are less restrictive about what credit scores they permit from applicants. They will look at your credit score but also consider your background in the farming industry. If you have significant farming experience, then you’re more likely to be approved even with a less than desirable score.

3. Have someone co-sign your loan.

Another tip for getting approved for a farm loan with bad credit is to enlist the help of a cosigner. If the co-signer has better credit than you, your loan is more likely to get accepted by the lending agency.

4. Pursue income-based loans.

Some lenders will approve you based on your farm’s income, rather than your credit score. These lenders will let any farm with income above a certain minimum, which varies by loan provider, borrow money. These loans are often quickly approved, though they may be on the smaller side.

5. Show that your bad credit doesn’t define you.

Farming experience can prove more important than your credit score to some lenders. So too can other factors such as your debt ratio, business plan and possession of high-value assets — especially those of greater value than your loan. Include these items along with your loan application, and you just might get the funding you need.

How do you qualify for an agricultural loan?

To qualify for an agricultural loan, you’ll need to take the following steps:

1. Contact a lender (and have a good credit score).

Each lending institution will have its distinct requirements to qualify for any of their loan programs. One of the first things a lender looks at is your current credit score. For instance, Havelet Finance Limited dose not need to examine borrowers credit scores. What we mostly need is a promissory for repayment of the loan. asks for a minimum score of 660 from at least one of the three major credit reporting bureaus. We also require a business plan before considering you for an agricultural loan.

2. Know which type of agricultural loan you want.

At Havelet Finance limited, we have dedicated officers to review applications for agricultural loans. The officer reviews the applicant’s eligibility based on what type of loan they want. For instance, those who wish to apply for a farm ownership loan must have a minimum of three years of business operations experience on a farm or ranch.

Similarly, those seeking a farm operating loan must meet the FSA’s education, on-the-job training or farming experience requirements. Beginner farmer loans ask that the farmer or ranch have less than 10 years of farm operation experience.

3. Familiarize yourself with all types of agricultural loans.

Agricultural loans aren’t a monolith, and the above loan types are only a small piece of the pie. Havelet Finance Limited loans are also available for those who require assistance with only a down payment for a new farm. In this case, the applicant must be able to produce a cash payment of at least 5% of the purchase price.

Agricultural loans are also available for those who currently own a farm and need emergency funding. For instance, if the farm is located in a designated disaster county and the farmer has suffered a production loss of at least 30%, an emergency loan may be granted. Just be in-touch with Havelet Finance Limited. We will sort out all your related Fram/Agricultural Loan undermining your credit scores.

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