Published Oct 20, 2018  

We just received a wonderful testimonial from a grower in California whose crop was infected with Russet Mites.  He is using our new Aloe 420 product on his crop.  This is what he had to say:

To the Aloe420 Team:

I took over a 400 outdoor plant grow that was totally stressed by russet mites and if it were not for applying Aloe420 I would have lost the grow.  The plant was split in half from the mite infestation and after 5 weeks of Aloe420 treatment, the plant has grown back together!

Aloe420 saved us, and we will use it in our protocol from seed to pre-flower in all future grows.  Thank you, Aloe420, amazing product!

Dear Marc and the Aloe 420 Team:

Very simply put, myself and my team feel Aloe420 is short of a miracle product not only providing a safe shield for our grow but helping restore plants that we would have thrown out in grows past.  Plus, I have attached my recent testing results that met all of State of California Standards!  We will now use Aloe420 as our savior band-aid for major issues such as with mites, but we now have Aloe420 in our protocol from seed to bloom.  Proof is in using and we are true believers trough results and are happy to finally have a product we can feel confident it works!!

Kindest thanks.

Lincoln Barnett

Katmandu Advisory Group/Green Dragon Farms

Hayfork, CA

If you want healthier greener plants Aloe 420, whether it is Hemp or Cannabis, you will have great results!  Do not forget about GroAloe for all your other crop needs.  We are the future of higher yield, chemical free, environmentally safe and Chemical residual free crops.  Seeing is believing.