Here's a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new Disc-Cultivator.

Here's a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new Disc-Cultivator.

Published Dec 10, 2021 

Your disc-cultivator is getting a little tired and worn out, not doing the job it once did, or it's costing you hours and dollars in continuous repairs. That's no fun; we get that. It's time to look for a new disc cultivator for your operation.

Here are a few things you need to consider when making your decision as they will significantly impact your residue management.

  1. Incorporation of residues - Unlike conventional tillage, disc assembly limits soil turning to the top 4 - 6" only, increasing organic substance on the surface. The surface residue is cut and re-mixed with the soil to create an optimal environment for micro-organisms and improvement in soil fertility.
  2. Resetting the structure of the soil - In the long term, working only a single stratum active to a depth of 6" also improves the structure of the soil, making it richer in Organic Substance: The land thereby becomes ideal for easier refining as well as for the development of crops.
  3. Weed control - Controlling weeds is critical to achieving the maximum potential yield while keeping chemical application to a minimum to ensure economic and environmental savings.

Another tricky point is choosing the right roller. When selecting a roller to suit your soil type, crops, and conditions, here are four things to consider.

1. Ring roller and U roller These roller models offer maximum in-use versatility, especially on wet land that has to be levelled and consolidated without excessive compaction. Compact bands alternating with unworked bands are created on the ground that encourages air and water exchange while avoiding the formation of surface crusts or stagnant water.

2. Cage roller Ideal for dry ground, providing good refining and surface levelling. The 24" diameter is ideal for reducing excessive clods, and the limited weight reduces the rear overhang for better hook-up with lightweight tractors.

3. Ring packer roller Ideal for high-moisture and even heavy ground; helps develop an optimal seedbed by creating a compact surface stratum. The moisture in the soil is trapped and allows rapid germination of the crop. They are uniquely designed for sowing cereals with 5" rows.

4. Packer roller Ideal for dry and even heavy ground; the Packer roller helps develop an optimal seedbed by obtaining a compact surface stratum. After the pass, the soil retains moisture to promote rapid germination of the crop.

Investing in a Disc-cultivator can be daunting. We understand. That's why MASCHIO has a full range of Disc Cultivators to provide you with a strategic solution for managing surface residues and alignment of land at depths between 5" and 20". Work speeds between 7.5 and 13+ mph benefit efficiency and operating performance. Our Disc Cultivators range comprises of three models the VELOCE, UFO TZAR, and ADMIRAL. We have been helping producers level fields, improve soil and incorporate residue for 30 years. Let's get you into a machine that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

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