How do you want to impact the agriculture industry? Hear these ag professionals answer this question

Published Dec 31, 2021 in North American Ag  

For the final episode of 2021, we took a look back over Chrissy Wozniak's favorite question that she asks her guests at the end of each episode of the North American Ag Spotlight - Why do you do what you do? 

This industry is filled with inspirational people, willing to serve in many ways, helping farmers keep farming. North American Ag is devoted to highlighting the incredible people & companies in agriculture who impact our industry and help feed the world. Hear these great people answer this question: 

Tracy Brunet 

Trent Loos 

Brent Adams 

Jim Mundorf 

John Winchell 

Jordan Van Trump 

Larry Maguire MP 

Harriet Wegmeyer & Tamara Sealy 

Ethan Lane 

Courtney Meyers 

Katharine Knowlton 

Greg Martinelli 

Hannah Thompson-Weeman 

Katie Schmitt 

Bakur Kvezereli 

Stacy Anthony 

Tyler Bramble 

Jacek Chmielewski 

Anna Haldewang 

Bruce Button 

Don Parrish 

Kate Ziehm 

Michele Payn 

Nancy Vander Byl 

Tanner Beymer 

Tom Woodall 

Brad & Ella Kaur 

Dr. James Hebert

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