How e-FRESCO Dashboard Works for Cross Border Fresh Produce Trading?

How to find importers and exporter through e-FRESCO dashboard ?

How e-FRESCO Dashboard Works for Cross Border Fresh Produce Trading?

Updated Apr 10, 2021 

 E-FRESCO is a global project for the support of the fresh produce trading at local and international level. The project aims at facilitating trust between actors of cross border trading using blockchain. 

We also provide unlimited support for retailers in green groceries at local and national level.     E-FRESCO is looking to organize the chaos of the global cross border trading and go beyond online support to provide customer services and physical support. 

e-FRESCO platinum plan dashboard include the ability to find importers from any country in the world. It also help traders  source their products. 

Farmers from Ghana, Jordan, Lebanon and Peru are using the dashboard to access new markets. 

The following picture explain the structure of the dashboard: 

How e-FRESCO Dashboard Works for Cross Border Fresh Produce Trading?

Usually, our main clients are owners of  large farms who are looking to access new markets. The farmer can search per country , per category, per product and per prices. The farmers can look at the category of fruits and vegetables , products and then  can see the date of the posted announcement , even he can see video of clients farms or operations. 

Traders can search for Enquiries ( all selling organizations) and Quotes ( all buying organizations). He can communicate through the portal and then if things are going well they can initiate an order, or invoice and soon they will be able to secure the shipping. 

The Platinum  members are nourished continuously from several campaigns cross the world and from call centres supported with artificial intelligence. In addition to that a network of e-FRESCO connected local ambassadors are available cross the globe. 

Not only that! platinum membership allow the trader to connect with retailers! The platform can shift from wholesale to retail section and vise versa. The retail is used to connect wholesalers and aggregators with  distributors network for who are already  clients within his network. 

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