How to Buy MedJool Date?

Medjool Date Specifications : How differentiate and how to buy?

How to Buy MedJool Date?

Published Oct 12 

When you want to buy medJool Date. The most important aspect is to know the specification and the standards. The Medjool Date industry is will structured industry regarding specification and quality standards.

There is four standard sizes available in the market; Jumbo Large, Large, Medium and small. Theses four types are also classified as premium,  delight, and classic or choice. These sub segmentation is related to the skin separability of the MedJool Date. The premium skin separation is almost none and the classic is highly separable. 

How to Buy MedJool Date?

Skin Separation is the least important quality factor. Skin separation is the loose skin that hangs on the fruit and not attached to it. Low skin separation looks nicer and therefore it is more expensive.

The loose skin is not an indication of the freshness of the Medjool Date!

To the inexperienced, fruit with high skin separation may look dry, however usually the exact opposite is correct. high skin separation is usually a sign of a moist, juicy fruit. 

High separability skin products are called "Choice", which indicate to freshness. 

it is worth mentioning that no one farm is able to serve large quantities from the same class type of  MedJool Date. This is due to the fact that naturally medjool farms have specific natural ratios for the productivity of one palm tree from the different sizes. So if a buyer looking to buy 20 tons of Medjool Premium large from a farm with a total capacity of 40 ton. Then it is expected that the farmer can only have barely less than  12 ton of Premium Jumbo/ Large. 

Thus, here comes the importance of aggregators who collect from the market and aggregate the same class. e-FRESCO can help you aggregate your demands. 

This article was in sighted by a discussion with Mr. Amjad Tadrus from Tadrus Farms. 

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