How to feed your goats?

Published Oct 24, 2018  

Just like other livestock, goat farming business is very dependent on the health of this animal.  There are 3 main factors that can affect your goat health. 

  1. Habitation 
  2. Food
  3. Care

This first part is complex because it depends on the shade or housing types, environments, and managing the waste and keeping it clean. 

If you are a complete beginner to goat farming business this second step is important then you think of.  Gradually, it can increase the productivity of meat and milk. 

It is so essential to know, what you will feed the goats for ensuring faster. Here is the list of food that increases my goat farm productivity. 


2/ green grass

3/ clean and safe water

4/ minerals (salt blocks) 

This is the most used feeds that I used, there are also a lot of feeds they can be feed. Here is a list of goat goods, what goat eats, and what you should not feed.

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