How to play game fnaf?

Published Feb 17 

Here’s a how-to-play game five nights at freddy's. Use a network of security cameras to see the dislocations of your enemies. The network provides you with views of the restaurant's parts. The equipment is far from being perfect. Camera feeds are badly lit, the picture is quite grainy. One of the cameras is capable only to air the audio. Some areas of the building are not covered at all. Still, this is all you’ve got to protect yourself.

Each animatronic has its own pattern of movements. Most of them move only when you can’t see them though. Plus, there are two corridors not shown at the cameras’ displays. So you need to check them using the lights. Remember: the use of lights consumes the limited electricity. When it’s over, the cameras turn off and the lights turn on. But what is worse is the doors open. As you can guess it means they’re coming for you, and nothing will stop them.

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