Hydraulic Press Machines Being Used to Reduce Production Costs

Published Sep 22, 2022 

Hydraulic press machines use a hydraulic (driven by the force of fluids) solid cylinder to generate a compressive force. The popularity of these machines is increasing in the industrial sector due to their high productivity and need to reduce labor costs. These press machines find application in the military, automotive, abrasives, and ceramic industries, primarily for compressing metals into sheets, drawing, power compacting, forging, blanking, stamping, coining, and embossing. Besides, the force produced by these machines during fabrication and other processes cannot be replicated by any other method.

Furthermore, technological advancements such as the integration of variable frequency drives (VFDs) in mechanic presses have increased the demand for hydraulic press machines in the manufacturing sector. VFD allows the operator to ascertain the pressing speeds, as it offers better operational efficiency. Due to this, these machines are used in the aerospace sector for coining and forging aircraft parts. Additionally, the integration of new components, energy-efficient circuits, and fast-acting valves make these machines more efficient than the traditional ones.

The industry segment of the market is categorized into ceramics & abrasives, food & beverages, automotive, military, electrical & electronics, and others. In recent years, the automotive sector deployed the highest number of hydraulic press machines due to the high demand for fabricated metals for vehicle production. During metal fabrication, a metallic piece is transformed into an end-use product, after it undergoes the process of stamping, forming, welding, forging, and machining.

Geographically, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region accounted for the largest share in the hydraulic press machine market in 2016. This can be attributed to the spurring demand for passenger vehicles in the region, especially in India and China, and growing advancements in military capabilities. During the forecast period, the demand for these machines will escalate here further due to the growth of the automobile sector. Additionally, the APAC market is also driven by the entry of new players, who are constantly coming up with better machines.

Thus, the hydraulic press machine market is characterized by the presence of an umpteen number of regional and global players, which is why it is fragmented in nature. Some of the leading companies offering hydraulic press machines are Greenerd Press & Machine Company Inc., Betenbender Manufacturing Inc., French Oil Mill Machinery Co., Hefei Metalforming Intelligent Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Japan Automatic Machine Co. Ltd., Komatsu America Corp., Beckwood Press, Jiangsu Yangli Group, DORST Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, and Asai Corporation.

Thus, the expansion of the automobile industry and growth of the manufacturing sector are augmenting the demand for hydraulic press machines.