In The Laser Cladding System, Hot And Cold Wire Are Both Acceptable As Feedstocks

Published Aug 8, 2022 

Sachiin Sadgir
By Sachiin Sadgir

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In the process of "laser cladding," a metal coating is applied to a part's surface while a laser serves as the heat source. The procedure is frequently used to repair damaged or worn surfaces and produce a protective covering for greater functionality.Either a wire (including hot or cold wire) or powder feedstock can be used for Laser Cladding System. The wire or powder is simultaneously added to a molten pool that the laser creates on the workpiece's surface. Despite the laser's tremendous heat output, solidification and cooling times are quick due to the laser's short exposure time.

The end result is a coating that is metallurgically bonded, which is more durable than thermal spray and less harmful to health than hard chromium plating.This is a versatile method that can be used to create heterogeneous components or functionally graded materials due to the ability to mix two or more powders and adjust the feed rate for each independently. Due to the localised fusing and mixing that occurs in the melt pool during Laser Cladding System the material gradient can also be customised at the microstructural level, allowing for the customization of clad materials for functional performance in particular applications.

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