Increasing Popularity of Smart TVs Propelling Global Demand for IPTV Services

Increasing Popularity of Smart TVs Propelling Global Demand for IPTV Services

Published Jul 15, 2022 


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The rising interest of various telecommunication service providing companies in internet protocol television (IPTV) is fueling the development of IPTV across the world. Telecom organizations such as Vodafone Group PLC, British Telecommunications PLC, and Verizon Communications Inc. are nowadays focusing on developing novel video services. These organizations are viewing the development of IPTV as a lucrative growth opportunity, on account of its various interactive multimedia functionalities. This is creating a huge pool of companies offering IPTV services.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, the mushrooming penetration of the internet and the development of mobile content distributed networks (CDNs) are also fueling the popularity of IPTV services across the world. The CDN technology assists users in loading websites and downloading content quickly on smart TVs, smartphones, and personal computers (PCs). This is because CDNs make the availability of a large content base possible and also reduce the packet loss and network latency.

Additionally, the growing requirement for video-on-demand (VOD) and HD channels is propelling the global demand for IPTV services. This is driving the progress of the global internet protocol television (IPTV) market. Depending on transmission method, the market is divided into wireless and wired categories. Of these, the wireless category is predicted to exhibit faster growth in the market in the forthcoming years. This is attributed to the rising consumer preference for wireless modes of content consumption over the wired mode.

Residential and enterprises are the two major end users of IPTV systems across the world. Between the two, the adoption of IPTV solutions was found to be higher in the residential sector during the last few years. In residential settings, IPTV systems are used for smart TV watching. Local operators provide these services. Moreover, the growing popularity of smart TVs is pushing up the requirement for IPTV services in residential settings.

Across the world, the IPTV market recorded huge expansion in Europe and North America in the years gone by, as per the findings of P&S Intelligence, a market research company based in India. This was because of the huge internet penetration, the early development and adoption of IPTV solutions, the huge requirement for video-on-demand and various associated services, and the presence of a large consumer base in the regional countries.

In the coming years, the IPTV market is predicted to boom in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. This will be a result of the increasing number of subscribers, the ballooning usage of technologically advanced and innovative devices for consuming content, and the rapid shift from conventional televisions to online video streaming or on-demand video content in the region. Additionally, the increasing popularity of HD channels is boosting the requirement for IPTV services in this region.

Hence, it can be said with confidence that the demand for IPTV services will shoot-up all over the world in the upcoming years, mainly because of the growing internet penetration, the rising requirement for video-on-demand and HD channels, and the soaring popularity of smart TVs.