INTERNATIONAL LOANS, Make you deal with Havelet Finance Limited

INTERNATIONAL LOANS, Make you deal with Havelet Finance Limited

INTERNATIONAL LOANS, Make you deal with Havelet Finance Limited

Published Apr 18, 2022 


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International Loans means application of decorum to the International Loan Parties, individually and collectively as the context may require, the International Revolving Loans, the International Swingline Loans and the International Protective Advances.

International Loan is different from FDI. Foreign Direct Investment is when a foreign entity invests in a business based outside the home country, whereas loan is when a business or an individual asks for monetary help that he or she is provided on a fixed rate of interest.

What are the minimum requirements for International International Loans from Havelet Finance Limited

The following conditions must be adhered to strictly, to ensure hassle-free loan from Havelet Finance Limited

  • Non-repatriation basis of loan, which means no giving back of the funds, once issued.
  • The tenure of loan can’t be more than three years.
  • The rate of Interest is agreed upon prior and remains fixed.
  • The rate of interest must not be more than two percent above the Bank Rate. That means Havelet Finance Limited offers International Loans at affordable 2% interest rate annually.
  • Repayment of the Principal amount and the overall interest can be handled through our investors bank accounts.

Can International Company borrow from Havelet Finance Limited?

International companies remains our targeted borrowers. Having said that, we are open to receive company globally to apply international loans from Havelet Finance Limited. However, the loan is subjected to some terms and conditions that are decided prior.

What is the procedure international loans application with Havelet Finance Limited.

Following application, the following documentation are required.

  • Required Amount
  • A documented overview of the project/ business plan that required funding
  • company’s corporate registration, a copy of your international passport and a verifiable utility bill to validate borrower’s company address.

So, be sure to keep an eye on the latest and currently updated rules regarding the funding from Havelet Finance Limited.

For more details on how you can apply for an international Loans, kindly apply below;



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