Irrigation Frustration?

Irrigation Frustration?

Published Oct 9, 2019 in Carolina Irrigation Solutions  

Do you have mixed feelings about technology? I do.

Some technology takes our time, isolates us, and numbs our brains. Then there is technology that makes life more efficient, brings more information to you, and improves your quality of life. This is the technology we want in our lives, and bringing this kind of technology to our customers is important to us and is an integral part of the Ag community.

Agsense, which provides remote telemetry options to your farm is the “good kind” of technology. Agsense allows farmers to spend more time managing other aspects of the farm that are important. Gone are the days of driving 15 minutes to a field to turn off a pivot in the pouring rain, only to get stuck, and cause you to miss your kid’s ballgame. With a click of a button on your App you can now turn your pivot off, and get to what is really important. This is good technology!

You may ask, well how is going to save me money or increase my yields? It can.

Do you ever have a hard time explaining technical or mechanical problems to your irrigation dealer? This is another area where Agsense helps. Often we cut-off a problem or a road trip to your field by diagnosing the problem through pivot readings made available on the Agsense app. We have pivots across two states, and keeping our customer’s pivots running efficiently is imperative.  

You are also able to monitor your moisture probes on the same platform allowing you irrigate efficiently and more intelligently.

If you have any questions, or have or need center-pivot irrigation gives us a call, and we have a solution that keeps you informed, improves your quality of life, and makes your farm more efficient!

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