Irrigation Preventative Maintenance and Start-up

Published Apr 30, 2018 in Carolina Irrigation Solutions  

Ben Franklin once said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." -This practice can be applied to many aspects of your life and business, and certainly applies to irrigation on your farm and money in your wallet..

Something as small as finding a clogged low pressure drain can prevent a pivot from holding water and building corrosion in the pipe. Or you may find a tire that needs to be replaced, or a booster pump malfunction. These are small set-backs in the irrigation off season but they can be major back-breakers if found during your crop's peak water requirement.

So with that in mind below is a center pivot irrigation check-list to help with preventative maintenance on your farm.

Center Point:

  • Grease pivot swivel
  • Check connection in the collector ring
  • Inspect Anchor bolts
  • Check running light operation
  • Inspect ground rod
  • Test pump automation
  • Inspect lightening arrestor
  • Look for leaks near the center point


  • Check low pressure drains
  • Pull sand trap
  • Inspect tower box for any loose wire connections
  • Visually inspect nuts and bolt and structural components
  • Inspect tower box contactors
  • Inspect machine Alignment

Drive Units:

  • Check oil and drain water in wheel and centerdrive gearboxes
  • Check gearbox ventilation hole in the expansion chamber
  • Inspect drive shaft shield placement
  • Check tire air pressure
  • Grease towable hubs
  • Inspect gearbox input and output seals
  • Check proper tightness of bolts and wheel lug nuts
  • Inspect that the motor lead cable is properly secured
  • Inspect drive shaft u-joints
  • Inspect clamps around span flex joint boots
  • Inspect connection in centerdrive junction box and drain holes

These are some of the main check points to perform in the fall season. Also, at early spring start-up it is best to remove your end gun plate and flush the system of corrosive build up. Also make sure you walk your pivot in both directions.

Hopefully this list helps prevent your farm from costly cures in the future!

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