Is it the end of the line for the large feedlot in America?

Is it the end of the line for the large feedlot in America?

Published Jul 26, 2021 in North American Ag  

The Farm System Reform Act was introduced by Democrat Representative Ro Khanna in the House and Democratic Senator Cory Booker in the Senate. This legislation is designed to phase out large feedlots and give farmers the opportunity to transition to raising animals on pasture or to crop production. It’s supported by over 200 animal welfare, sustainable agriculture, environmental, and public health organizations.

Vice President of Government Affairs at the National Cattleman’s Beef Association Ethan Lane has been vocal about his opposition to the Farm System Reform Act. This week he sits down to talk about the issue with North American Ag’s Chrissy Wozniak.

The Act would prohibit the construction of new large feedlots, the expansion of those currently operating, would require all large feedlots to cease operating by 2040, but also it establishes a voluntary debt forgiveness program that provides feedlot owners with grants to pay off their debts & transition to raising pasture-based beef. The Animal Welfare institute promotes their support for the Farm System Reform Act saying, “The current model of industrial animal agriculture that dominates our food system is unsustainable.”

Lane weighs in on how this would be received by producers, as well as his thoughts on how to actually strengthen the food supply system. Last week Lane gave a response to the bill stating the contrast between the two proposals put forward , saying the second “is the kind of broad, jumbled mess you get when you’re more focused on Twitter and talking points than the sound legislating rural Americans need.”


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