Latest Regulatory Trends Impacting the UHT Processing Market | Key Players Are SPX Flow, GEA Group, Alfa Laval, Elecster Oyj

Published Jan 11, 2022 

The UHT processing market is estimated to reach USD 3.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to account for USD 6.7 billion by 2025, recording a CAGR of 13.5% during the forecast period.

The UHT processing market aids the sterilizing process of various liquid and semi-liquid food products. While the technology is currently being used to sterilize milk, its usage is gradually being expanded to other products such as fruits juices, creams, soymilk, almond milk, and soups. While the demand for UHT-treated products is being driven by a growing need for an extended shelf life of products, a section of consumers is also skeptical of the process, as they consider an extended period of storage for any product to be unhealthy and unsafe for consumption.

The direct segment is projected to record the fastest growth during the forecast period.

Based on mode of equipment operation of UHT processing direct UHT processing is the fastest growing. The direct UHT processing segment is projected to grow at a higher CAGR, as most manufacturers who have invested in indirect UHT processing equipment find indirect UHT processing better in functionate and operation, as it protects the food products and is energy efficient. As well as, due to them occupying a smaller floor space in comparison to the indirect UHT processing equipment, leading to them having an increased scope for growth. In the direct UHT processing market, Europe dominates by contributing highest to the market in 2019. However, Asia Pacific region has been projected to have highest growth rate as companies in this region are developing and expanding. Moreover, due to increasing awareness and standard of living amongst the Asian countries the region is expected to grow fastest during the forecast period. The food products are heated by direct method have advantages such as, it serves is that the heating is for a short amount of time.

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The milk segment in the UHT processing market is estimated to account for the largest share in 2019.

Based on application, milk segment is estimated to account for the largest share in the UHT processing market in 2019. This application of UHT processing accounts for the largest share in global UHT processing market. The UHT processing market for milk is estimated to be the largest. This segment is projected to grow at the highest CAGR since milk, being one of the most important essential commodities, is the product which consumers need to store for future consumption. The dairy desserts segment is estimated to be the second largest.

Asia Pacific to be the fastest growing market for UHT processing during the forecast period.

The Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing and second-largest market for UHT processing globally. The two major countries contributing to the largest market share in this region are Australia and India, with 34.1% and 22.4% in 2019, respectively. India is the largest producer of milk in the world. Hence, the market for UHT processing has been consistently rising in the Indian dairy processing equipment market. Australia and New Zealand are the major manufacturers and suppliers of dairy and non-dairy products globally, importing equipment from Germany and the US. UHT milk production is higher, along with the processing of dairy desserts and juices in Asia Pacific. Japan has made several advancements in the use of membrane filters in UHT plants; these factors have helped drive the market growth.

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This report includes a study of marketing and development strategies along with the product portfolios of leading companies in the UHT processing market. It consists of the profiles of leading companies, such as Tetra Laval International S.A. (Tetra Laval) (Switzerland), SPX Flow (US), GEA Group (Germany), Alfa Laval (Sweden), and Elecster Oyj (Finland), Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Machinery (China), Microthermics (US), REDA S.P.A. (Italy), Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery (China), TESSA I.E.C Group (Israel), Stephan Machinery Gmbh (Germany), GOMA Engineering (India), Nanjing Prosky Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd (China), JBT (US), Neologic Engineers Private Ltd.(India), M&E Trading Gmbh & Co KG (Germany), Iwai Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd (Japan)., Machine Point Group (Spain), Krones AG(Germany), Paul Muellar Company (US), IMA Group (Italy), Feldmeier Equipment Inc (US), Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland B.V. (Netherlands), Highland Equipment Inc.(Canada), Repute Engineers Private Limited (India) .