Lifeasible Enables Genetic Research with Animal Gene Editing Service

Published Nov 24, 2021 

Lifeasible, a biotechnology company specialized in agricultural sciences that offers a wide range of agro-related products and services, now helps its customers perform gene editing on different animal species.

Poultry and livestock are important economic animals that provide high quality protein-related products for humans. In addition, mice and experimental monkeys are important models for disease research, and cats and dogs are also faithful partners of humans.

Gene editing technology has developed rapidly in recent years and has played an important role in the treatment of human diseases and drug production. The application of gene editing technology has enabled the exploration of the function of unknown genes by targeted gene modification and the development of treatments for genetic diseases by altering individual genotypes. Gene editing can also improve the quality of poultry and livestock, reduce feeding costs, and shorten feeding cycles.

Lifeasible, as a biotechnology company, has been cultivated in animal editing for years, and has accumulated a wealth of theoretical and practical experience. Gene editing on different animal species are available at Lifeasible now, including but not limited to:

Monkey Gene Editing

Rabbit Gene Editing

Mice Gene Editing

Gog Gene Editing

Cat Gene Editing

Pig Gene Editing

Cattle Gene Editing

Sheep Gene Editing

Duck Gene Editing

Chicken Gene Editing

“We have rich experience in gene editing of crops, ornamental plants, forest trees, fish, edible fungi and other species. We are sure that our one-stop service can be a powerful boost to the scientific research process of our customers.” said Isla, one marketing staff at Lifeasible.

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