Lifeasible Enlarged Its Offerings for Plant Breeding Services

Published Dec 9, 2021 

Lifeasible, a biotechnology company specialized in agricultural science, recently enlarged its offers for plant breeding services which now cover a wide range of plant species including major food crops, economic plants, and bio-energy feedstock plants.

Plant breeding is the science of creating new varieties by modifying plant genomes, which can accelerate the production of plants with desired characteristics, such as higher productivity, nutritional value, and enhanced tolerance to drought and disease. Nowadays, plant breeding is not only applied to the development of crop varieties, but also plays an important role in industrial uses such as fiber, fuel, shelter and garden greening.

Plant breeding can be accomplished by a variety of techniques, including trait selection, mutation introduction, plant tissue culture (e.g., embryo rescue, haploid breeding, etc.), and molecular genome editing techniques (e.g., marker-assisted breeding).

As one of the most innovating plant breeding companies in the world, Lifeasible provides a wide range of plant breeding services from traditional breeding to modern molecular breeding. The company has also established a valuable international tie-up with renowned companies to provide with the best solutions.

Up to now, Lifeasible provides the following plant breeding services for customers to choose:


Embryo Rescue


Marker-Assisted Breeding

Positional Cloning

Marker Discovery and Development

Mutation Breeding

QTL and Association Mapping

Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) for Plant Breeding

Bulk Segregant Analysis (BSA) Service

“We have rich experience in all facets of plant breeding. Our skilled scientists and experts have contributed decades of dedicated work for the exploring and optimizing of advanced modern breeding methods. We do believe our short-turn-around plant breeding services can help accelerate your research process.” Said Isla, one of the marketing staff at Lifeasible.


to view the whole list of plant breeding services offered by Lifeasible.

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