Lifeasible Helps Digg into Plant Immunity Knowledge for Botany Research

Published May 27, 2022 

Lifeasible, an experienced biotechnology company focused on all aspects of Plant Immunity Services, now supports its customers' research with services that cover plant adversity resistance, plant pest resistance, plant pathology, plant viruses, plant antibiotics, and identification & analysis of plant disease resistance.

There are two main types of infestation that plants suffer, one being abiotic, such as high temperature, low temperature, drought and flooding. The other is biotic, mainly small insects (aphids, etc.), plant bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Although plants have a unique immune system, they are not sufficient to ensure their invincibility.

In the case of food crops, annual food losses due to pests and diseases account for about 20% of the total global food production. For example, rice blast caused by fungi is endemic worldwide and, once developed, can lead to a 50% or even 100% yield reduction in rice fields, and there is no effective control method for humans. Similarly, wheat rust and banana bunch top disease are also caused by viruses. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 300 pathogens causing diseases in potatoes, and most of them are helpless.

Over the years, Lifeasible has now grown into a comprehensive phytotechnology company dedicated to providing overall solutions and personalized technical services to researchers in the field of plant culture, plant nutrition, plant detection, plant immunology, plant omics, and plant microbial interactions, etc.

Now the company provides the following services for the aspects of plant immunity:

Analysis Service of Plant Stress Tolerance

Analysis of Plant Resistance to Diseases and Pests

Plant Virus-Related Services

Plant Pathology Analysis Services

Plant Antibiotic Related Services

Identification of Plant Disease Tolerance

“We shall no doubt prevent the loss of crop and food production using our expertise in agricultural sciences to ensure your well-understanding of plant immunity.” Commented one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.

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