Lifeasible Launches Analysis Service of Plant Stress Tolerance

Published Jun 29, 2022 

Lifeasible has launched an analysis service of plant stress tolerance recently. According to the company, it provides a wide range of analysis services for the research of plant resistance, including the determination of plant stress response indicators.

Plant stress responses are formed by a combination of various molecular and cellular processes triggered by different types of stress. Stress factors may be abiotic (such as water, salinity, extreme temperature, light, and heavy metal contamination) or biotic (herbivores or pathogens). During long-term evolution, plants have also formed a regulatory mechanism to cope with adverse environmental conditions by regulating specific biological processes and response pathways. Analysis of stress response and its resistance regulation mechanism in plants is not only important for basic research of plant biology, but also for improving crop quality and improved variety breeding.

Supported by abundant experience in the field of botany, Lifeasible now offers various analysis services for the research of plant resistance, including:

Determination of Malondialdehyde in Plant Tissues

Lifeasible provides services for the determination of malondialdehyde content in various plant samples for clients worldwide.

Determination of Proline in Plant Tissues

Three optional proline determination techniques are offered by Lifeasible to customers worldwide in order to quickly, affordably, and accurately determine the proline content of plant tissue.

Detection of Relative Electrical Conductivity of Plants

To determine and analyze the relative electrical conductivity of plant tissue, Lifeasible use the gas pumping method, the soaking method, and an auxiliary conductivity meter. After the experiment, the company continues with the expert data processing and analysis.

Detection of Related Stress Proteins in Plant Tissues

Lifeasible offers tailored services for customers worldwide and offers thorough analysis services for SAP protein under its established plant research platform, covering protein function, gene expression, and other elements.

“With the launch of analysis service of plant stress tolerance, our offering is stronger than ever. The new service helps our customers to reduce cost, save time and minimize research process.” Said Isla, one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.

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