Liquorice Extract Is Sold As A Dietary Supplement And Is Used As A Sweetener

Published Aug 8, 2022 

Sachiin Sadgir
By Sachiin Sadgir

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Liquorice (also known as licorice) extract is made from the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant. Liquorice Extract is sold as a dietary supplement and is used as a sweetener and flavouring in confections1. Glycyrrhizin is a substance found in liquorice extract Additionally, licorice extract helps to cure hepatitis C, peptic ulcers, prevent cavities, regulate blood sugar levels, and support weight loss.

It thus finds wide use in a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food and beverage sectors .Additionally, Licorice Extract lightens the skin. Liquiritin, an active ingredient that aids in dispersing and removing any existing melanin in the skin, is present, according to Chwalek. In other words, it can both assist diminish existing spots and aid in the prevention of new ones from appearing. Licorice root is first heated to a boil, then the majority of the water is removed to create the extract.

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