Long-term investments: models and sources of financing for large projects

Long-term investments: models and sources of financing for large projects

Long-term investments: models and sources of financing for large projects

Published Dec 3, 2021 

Financing large projects: initiator’s contribution 10%.

Financing investment projects is one of the most important aspects that determine the survival and development of any business. Access to financial resources means freedom of choice for business entities. Long-term investments are widely used for the construction and modernization of large facilities. New transport hubs, power plants, production halls or wastewater treatment systems — investment projects have different goals. Limited internal resources of the company are a serious obstacle to investment activities. Given the difficult access to debt capital for some companies, this issue becomes even more important.

Understanding the instruments for financing long-term investment projects facilitates decision-making and creates opportunities for better business adaptation to the rapidly changing conditions of a highly competitive global market.

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Financing long-term projects: choosing sources

Financial resources are the main engine of business activity, regardless of the size and type of business.

The economic processes taking place in each company are determined by the available capital, the received income and expenses necessary for the successful conduct of commercial activities. Given the tough competition for capital on the global market, the problem of attracting financing for investment projects is now coming to the fore. It is an irreplaceable resource at the stage of creating an enterprise, conducting current activities and implementing long-term investment projects. All of the above requires the correct use of financial instruments so that the selection of sources and the formation of capital is carried out in the most rational way. This is important when choosing sources of long-term financing that will ensure the implementation of large projects in the long term.

  • Internal sources. Resources are formed from the financial flows of the company received as a result of ongoing economic activities, as well as from the sale of assets (equipment, real estate).
  • External sources. Financial resources for the implementation of projects are provided by third parties in the form of loans, subsidies or in another form (for example, an issue of shares.

A consequence of the high requirements for securing bank loans is the growing demand for non-bank instruments for financing investment activities. The growing interest in long-term investments is accompanied by the activation of alternative instruments and the rapid development of non-bank financial institutions around the world.

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