Long Term Loan and Financing for Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant

Long Term Loan and Financing for Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant

Long Term Loan and Financing for Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant

Published Oct 22, 2022 

Long Term Loan and Financing for Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant

The construction of solar power plants globally has been progressing rapidly. This reflects the desire of governments and businesses to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, ensure energy security and environmental sustainability over the long term. Finding low-cost sources of financing for photovoltaic projects is becoming an important challenge for the development of renewable energy sources. Financing for a solar power panel plant using various sources within the framework of individual financial models is more attractive

Havelet Finance Limited remains the highest initiators of large projects compared to traditional bank loans. We Ready Willing and Able to undertake financing for solar panel Plant manufacturing projects anywhere in the world.

Solar Panel Plant

The benefits of project financing for solar panel plant includes low operational risk, high stability and predictability of payment flows. All this makes PF an ideal instrument for investment lending. On the one hand, photovoltaic systems and solar thermal power plants require high initial investments.

On the other hand, there are virtually no replacement and maintenance costs during the operational phase, which allows for more efficient debt service. Long-term power supply contracts and active government support in many countries make it easier to plan future cash flows.

Havelet Finance Limited can help you find financing for solar panel plant projects on favorable terms. Our team of European experts provides a full range of financial advisory services, including calculating your project parameters, modeling financial performance and finding tailor-made solutions.

Financing options for solar Panel power plants

Financing covers all operational processes for the provision of financial resources necessary for the implementation of the project. The investor’s decision to participate in financing is made taking into account the risk, expected income and liquidity of the assets of a particular project. The profitability of solar power plants mainly depends on a realistic forecast of energy production and the stability of future cash flows in case of deviations from the plan.

Bank loans

The most recognised way to finance a solar panel projects remains a bank loan. This is a debt financing mechanism.

Applying for a bank loan to finance solar panel manufacturing plants, a company can turn to one of the many commercial banks that finance renewable energy projects. If the project meets certain bank parameters, administrative procedures for the borrower are simplified, and financial conditions become much more favorable (lower interest rates). The solar project will receive the planned funds only if it meets the expectations of investors.


This is a long-term contract under which the tenant company operates a solar power plant, paying the leasing company an amount that will cover the value of the asset plus interest. This model is usually applied to the financing of small and medium-sized solar power projects. As a rule, it is focused on the duration of payments of at least 8–10 years. In many cases, the parties agree to include in the contract the option of buying the power plant by the lessee, although there are other options after the end of the contract.

Project Financing

The construction of solar panel power plants through project financing refers to the popular structured finance. This model is characterized by the presence of several partners. One of the features of project finance is that a solar power plant is transferred to a legal entity created specifically for a photovoltaic project (Special Purpose Vehicle, SPV).

Financing Solar Panel power plant project: the basics

Funding for any solar project involves planning, building and operating, with the construction phase requiring the highest investment over the life of the project. To make a decision on financing a solar power plant, the initiators must provide a full-fledged technical documentation, which contains rational technological processes, a clearly limited implementation period and the necessary financial and material resources. To implement a photovoltaic project, a legally independent project company (SPV) is usually created, which can enter into loan agreements as a legal entity.

Off-balance sheet financing

The advantage of this structure is that the high share of borrowed capital in the project company will not affect the balance of the sponsors. This allows the implementation of large-scale projects that would otherwise disrupt the financial stability of individual participants. Since participation in financing the construction of a solar power plant can disrupt the financial balance of the initiator company under certain conditions, the “external” effect is considered to a limited extent.

Non-resource finance

In practice, this type of financing is widely used today, since the lender assumes all responsibility for the project, releasing the initiators from it. At the same time, financial institutions are trying to compensate for the increased risk of project failure with higher risk premiums, which makes this financing model less attractive. This project finance model is suitable for photovoltaic projects where the property has a high resale value,

Financial investors

They are interested in getting the most out of the capital invested in the project. Typically, investment companies, insurance companies, pension funds, and venture capital funds act as financial investors. Their strategic role is significantly less than that of the project initiators. However, large projects can often be implemented only with their participation, especially if the project initiators do not have sufficient capital.

Project lenders for Financing Solar Panel Plant

Lenders play an important role in financing solar energy projects as they provide most of the required capital. Leasing companies, development banks, international financing institutions, commercial banks and other financial organizations act as creditors. In the past decades, the most important source of debt capital for the construction of solar power plants has been loans from commercial banks. Many commercial banks offer special financing programs for solar projects.

Financing for solar Panel Power Manufacturing Plants: Our Core services

Havelet Finance Limited offers a wide range of project financing services in the field of construction, operation and solar projects. Our solar power plant project finance services are not limited to financial modeling and professional advice. We are ready to find interested partners for your project in Europe and beyond, using our extensive business contacts in many countries around the world.

We offer a wide range of services for business:

• Project finance services
• Financial modeling and consulting.
• Loan guarantees and much more.

We support the financing of large projects develop advanced financial models for our clients and offer professional advisory services.



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