Looking to the new year, and the future of farming - solutions & strategies available today

Published Dec 22, 2021 in North American Ag  

Today Chrissy Wozniak is sitting down with the Principal of BioMass Solution, Jacek Chmielewski to discuss carbon reduction strategies in agriculture. 

BioMass Solution's mission is to bring financially and environmentally restorative and regenerative solutions to undervalued and problematic waste. Through this, we are solving an environmental problem, lowering (or in fact restoring carbon via sequestration carriers) the overall generated energy carbon footprint, producing renewable energy, creating jobs, and contributing to the local tax base, all the while providing strong financial returns. 

BioMass Solution is providing full scope of carbon negative solutions (feedstock selection, location selection, co-location and energy integration, carbon credits, biochar application and sales). Augmenting our core services, we provide full array of carbon negative services and solutions to our clients. 

BioMass Solution currently has low carbon (implemented and operating) and carbon negative (Puerto Rico) projects (Red River Biorefinery in Grand Forks, ND and bamboo to biochar in Puerto Rico). To learn more about BioMass Solution, visit the website https://www.biomasssolution.com/.

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