Low Water Landscaping For Your Outdoor Living Space

Low Water Landscaping For Your Outdoor Living Space

Published Oct 25, 2022 

Landscaping is a must to ensure your property is attractive and comfortable, but so many types of landscaping take up a lot of water. If you're trying to make more space for yourself without having to add a ton of money to your water bill every month, it's a good idea to consider low-water landscaping.

These are the top landscaping options for a drier environment!

Wooden Decks to Fill Out Space

Wooden decks are an awesome way to fill out space while still making your lawn look fantastic. When a deck is well cared for and sealed, it can look gorgeous and give you a safe and comfortable space to spend time outside with your family.

It's vital that these decks are well-maintained, sealed, and cared for. If you let your deck go out of repair, it can rot, crack, mold, and fall apart, which can be a safety hazard for anyone who enters your property.

Creating Intentional Spaces

Intentional spaces are a must. Why is every area in your yard space where it is? Do you want an outdoor kitchen? Do you need a space for lounging? Would you like a place to gather and have fun with friends and family?

Think about the purpose of each space, and don't be afraid to section out your lawn with these spaces. Using concrete pavers, you can create very distinct sections that allow your property to look purposeful.

Incredible Rock and Stone Gardens

Rock and stone gardens and lawns are most popular in desert areas, but they're gaining popularity across other regions in the country that is getting far less rain than they have in previous years.

Rock and stone gardens are consciously laid out of local stone that looks fantastic and needs minimal care. These add visual intrigue, stop weeds from growing, and are generally affordable to install.

Picking Low-Moisture Plants

The most important thing you can do when you start out is to pick plants that can handle low-moisture environments.

Richard Callahan owner of El Paso Artificial Grass & Turf says, “Your aim is to have your plants require little to no watering, but newer plants require more time and water to establish themselves. Additionally, you must take into account other elements, such as the weather, as these may impede root growth.”

You don't want to go for plants that need a ton of water and then not be able to manage them. This doesn't necessarily mean you need succulents! A snake plant can handle almost any weather, wet or dry, and looks fantastic. These also grow incredibly fast and look awesome regardless of what environment you have them in.

Consider your personal style, the area your property is in, and what weather your plant will have to deal with in the future before you buy any species.

Creating Attractive Drainage

Drainage is a big deal if you don't have a lot of foliage and you don't want your property to flood. One of the most popular styles of drainage in modern years is called a rock river or a stone river. These attractive ditches are filled out with beautiful stones and replicate the shape and look of a stream. They guide water down and away from your home while also being absolutely gorgeous to look at. When it rains, it's fun to watch the water race between the stones.

Utilizing Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are your friend when you're trying to conserve water and stop using too much. Invest in a rain barrel that can gather as much water as you'll generally see and will be easy for you to draw from for gardening or whatever use you have.

These can usually be hooked up to your roof's cutters to allow water to flow without letting a lot of debris into the barrel.

Use Plants With Visual Intrigue

Many plants that don't need a ton of water are still visually interesting. Jacaranda trees have become incredibly popular in recent years because of their vivid violet flowers and ability to grow in sandy and dry soil, and they don't require a lot of water!

The shape of these trees is funky and almost sculpture-like while still being able to save the trouble of watering them constantly and keeping them alive.

Add Seating Areas With Firepits

If you want to get the most out of your lawn without having to put in a ton of thirsty plants, you have the perfect property for a fire pit. These central points of any yard will give everyone a space to gather and enjoy beautiful flames while the sun starts setting. This is great for entertaining, spending time with family, or simply unwinding after a long day of hard work.

Seating should be comfortable and weather durable! Although you can set out soft cushions, these can’t be left out in all weather since they’ll eventually mold or rot.

Every Property Can Be Gorgeous

Landscaping is one of the easiest ways to add value to your property, and ensuring it doesn’t need a ton of water will save you a lot of time and money. Consider some of these landscaping jobs for your outdoor living space soon!

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