Mechanism of amino acid on fruit expansion

Published Nov 24, 2022 

How do amino acids affect fruit expansion?

1. Amino acids promote cell division and increase the number. Serine participates in cell tissue differentiation and increases the number of cells. At the same time, serine and indole can synthesize tryptophan. Tryptophan is the precursor of plant auxin, which can promote the synthesis of plant auxin and promote the growth of differentiated cells.

2. Amino acids increase the content of sugar and protein in fruit cells and promote cell volume. Alanine, glutamic acid, glycine and lysine can promote the synthesis of chlorophyll, regulate the opening of stomata, thus promoting leaf photosynthesis. The synthesis of soluble sugar increases and is transferred to the fruit. Amino acids are the smallest molecules for protein synthesis. Amino acids absorbed by crops can directly participate in protein synthesis, It is beneficial to the rapid synthesis of proteins.

3. Amino acid is an important osmoregulation substance in the object. During the fruit expansion, the content of sugar and protein in the cells increases, and the concentration of cell solution increases, so as to promote the water absorption and expansion of cells, and increase the physical examination and weight. It can be seen that amino acid plays an important role in promoting the fruit expansion.

Factors affecting amino acid absorption?

1. Amino acids exist in soil in molecular form, can be directly absorbed and transported by crops, and have the role of chelating metal ions. The medium and trace elements needed by crops can be carried into crops to improve the utilization rate of nutrients. Sandy soil has poor fertilizer retention and is easy to be leached and lost. This kind of soil is used for a few times. The cohesive soil is easy to absorb and fix the applied amino acid, and the application should be higher than the crop demand. There is a competitive relationship between soil microorganisms and crop roots in absorbing amino acids. Excessive microorganisms increase the utilization of amino acids, reducing the absorption and utilization of amino acids by crops.

How to Supplement Amino Acids during Fruit Expansion

Amino acids can be applied after fruit setting.

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