Mechanism of Trichoderma as soil conditioner

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Mechanism of Trichoderma as soil conditioner

Published Mar 1, 2019 

Nowadays, the rate of China’s fertilizer utilization is relatively low, a large number of the fertilizer is loss or solidified in the soil. This situation has led to many soil problems, such as salinization, hardening and acidification conditions.

Why trichoderma can help soil build good condition

Trichoderma can improve soil structure.The hyphae and other substance reproduced by trichoderma can be used as a cementing material to help soil build a stable granular structure, which is porous & full of nutrition. Soil aggregate structure can balance the contradiction between water and nutrients. Preserve moisture and fertility.

Secondly, trichoderma can improve the solubility of nutrient elements in soil, dissolve phosphorus & Potassium and other insoluble nutriments. Trichoderma will secrete organic acids and natural growth hormones to promote the growth of crop roots system. And by stimulating the development of roots, it will be more efficient in absorbing nutrients from the soil.

Why trichoderma can solve the soil salination

The key of solving soil salinization is the efficiency of salt absorption and utilization of soil by crops.

Firstly,Trichoderma can improve fertilizer utilization,reduce nitrate accumulation.

Secondly, Trichoderma not only can increase crops tolerance to salt.but also can use excessive salt to promote its own growth rate to reduce the salt in the rhizosphere microenvironment.

As a result, the salinity of the rhizosphere microenvironment will decrease. Under these two ways, the salt inhibition of crop growth was greatly reduced.

Why trichoderma can reduce heavy metals and organic pollutants

  • Trichoderma can promote the growth of Hyper accumulator, especially the root growth,it greatly enhance the hyper accumulator’s ability to absorb heavy metals in the soil.
  • Heavy metals can be enriched in the vacuoles and the space between cell walls of trichoderma.
  • Trichoderma can secret different kinds of enzymes that can help degrade organic pollutants in soil such as agrochemical residues.

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