One-stop Soil Physical and Chemical Testing Service Now Available at Lifeasible

Published Feb 24, 2022 

Lifeasible, a leading provider for environmental testing services, striving to deliver custom solutions to all research fields, now released a one-stop soil physical and chemical testing service that aims to free researchers from the tedious pre-processing work.

Soil testing is essential for assessing the fertility of agricultural soils, as nutrients and other components affect plant growth. Moreover, residues and pollutants in soil not only have harmful effects on plant growth, but can also be ingested by humans or animals through the food chain. Therefore, accurate analysis of soil physicochemical properties, biological indicators, and pollutants benefits the entire community and may provide valuable information for soil improvement.

Soil physical and chemical properties are usually considered as important indicators for quality evaluation. Soil moisture, capacity and pore space are important soil physical factors affecting soil water holding and dissolved mineral element properties, plant rooting and root absorption properties, and then affect soil fertility status and plant growth. Soil chemical properties and processes are some of the most important factors affecting soil fertility levels. In addition to soil acidity and redox properties that directly affect plant growth, soil chemical properties indirectly affect plant growth mainly through interventions on soil structural conditions and nutrient status.

As a leading supplier of agricultural solutions, Lifeasible now provides a one-stop physical and chemical testing platform. According to its official speaker, customers only need to provide the original sample, and the subsequent pre-treatment such as grinding and sieving of the soil sample, physicochemical index testing, and data analysis can all be done by the company. And the company will strictly follow the standard, process, and test the samples and finally provide accurate test results.

Detectable items include:

Determination of the total amount of soil reducing substances

Chemical morphology analysis of soil elements

Measurement of pH, EC (electrical conductivity), etc.

Measurement of soil loss by burning

Soil particle size analysis/mechanical composition analysis

Measurement of soil density (bulk density)

“Our services combine a variety of methods for different directions. And we provide customized solutions to get your needs met. Our services are well known for the skills of our staff, timely delivery, and customization of services.” commented Isla, one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.

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