Plant Chromosomes Karyotype Analysis Service Now Available at Lifeasible

Published Aug 30, 2021 

Scientists in the field of plant research now have access to Lifeasible’s plant chromosome karyotype analysis services supported by up-to-date technologies.

Karyotype analysis of plant chromosomes is a technique in which metaphase chromosomes are analyzed, compared, sorted and numbered by banding technique according to the characteristics of chromosome length, centromere position, and proportion of long and short arms. Karyotype analysis provides an important basis for studying cytogenetic classification, genetic relationship between species, and numerical and structural chromosomal variations.

As a leading plant biotechnology company with years of experience in cell biology, molecular biology, and physiology, Lifeasible has gained expertise in highly sophisticated up-to-date plant chromosomes karyotype analysis techniques. Now Lifeasible offers a wide selection of plant chromosomes karyotype analysis services including:

Metaphase chromosome microscopic analysis

The number of chromosomes is counted by staining individual plant meristem (i.e. root tip cells) and then microscopic analysis.

Special cell chloroplast count

For the specific genotypes of many plants, there is a positive correlation between the number of chloroplasts of their guard cells and their ploidy level. In other word, as the ploidy level increases, the number of chloroplasts in the guard cells also increases.

Ploidy Analyzer

To help customers realize simple and rapid analysis of plant cell ploidy through ploidy analyzer.

“We have been deeply involved in the plant cytology research in recent years and has achieved some research results that we are proud of. We want to share our research results with you and provide you with the best quality service.” Commented Isla, one of the marketing staff at Lifeasible.

To help explore new frontiers in plant science and accelerate discovery, Lifeasible also offers a wide range of analytical services including: gene function analysis, gene copy number analysis, gene expression profiling, integration sites analysis, epigenetics analysis, plant disease identification, plant hormone analysis, etc. To view the whole list, please visit