Planting faster, more efficiently and with started plants – not seeds

Published Nov 10, 2021 in North American Ag  

Today Chrissy Wozniak sits down with Sam Guererri, the South East Sales Manager of revolutionary agtech company PlantTape. 

Based in California’s Salinas Valley, PlantTape brings precision agriculture to growers of vegetables, tomatoes, and hemp. We believe in empowering farmers around the world to increase crop yield and lower costs. The entire PlantTape process is built around our namesake innovation: a biodegradable tape that holds seeds and seedlings. The tape facilitates ease of sowing, efficient nursery operations, and automated transplanting. 

PlantTape’s automated transplanter is easy to use and designed by farmers, for farmers. It is built to withstand the elements, while giving growers the reliability and precision they need. Where other automated transplanters rely on complex computer systems, actuators, and sensors, the PlantTape 3-point automated transplanter is 100% mechanical. It is easy to learn and easy to use. 


Line-to-line spacing can be altered in the field to allow for many different bed configurations. Growers can plant fields with different bed configurations on the same day with some mechanical adjustments. Plant-to-plant spacing can be altered on the fly. Additionally, the PlantTape transplanter is crop-agnostic, meaning it will pull whatever plant species is in the nursery trays and put it into the ground. 

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