Power Rental Market Growth, Development and Demand Forecast Report 2030

Published Mar 16 

According to a statement of P&S Intelligence, the total revenue generated by the power rental market was USD 9,702 million in 2022, and it will power at a rate of 5.7% in the years to come, to touch USD 15,117 million by 2030.

Diesel-based generators had the largest share in the industry, because of their quick set-up, requirement for low-space, ease of setting up, and low preliminary investments.
Furthermore, these systems can deliver weather-independent, scalable, and flexible processes. Also, the developments in their engine performance have enhanced their output for the same quantity of fuel burned.

The continuous power category dominated in the recent past. Oil and gas facilities, Industrial sites, and construction and mining sites are the key users of these machines for incessant energy applications.

Moreover, the capacity of these systems for providing energy at continuous loads for an unlimited time encourages their usage in diverse industries.

Some of the gases that are used in generators as fuel are hydrogen and natural gas, abundantly available globally, and this is emerging as a trend in the industry.

Gas-based variants are sought after as pocket-friendly and beneficial for the environment as they emit lower number of emissions and create insignificant noise, also being further reasonably priced than the conventional-fuel-based alternatives.

Due to the enhancements in the industrial sector at a rapid pace, the demand for power rental across the globe will continue to increase even further in the years to come.