Remote Sensing in California Rice Production

NDVI imaging of a rice field

Remote Sensing in California Rice Production

Published Dec 2, 2020 

California Rice

Since the end of the gold rush California has been a titan in agricultural production. From wheat and corn in the 1800's to vegetable and tree crops in the 1900's to today. There are many types of produce that California exclusively grows that satisfy all of the United States market including walnuts, kiwis, artichokes, celery and sushi rice. To meet these production demands California farmers are looking for more efficient ways to grow crops. This solution can come in the form of remote sensing in California rice.

The Use of Technology

California rice for example uses a high level of technology and precision to grow their crop. For years growers have adopted DJI drones to scout fields visually. These drones can also be equipped with RGB, NDVI and IR cameras to scan areas. This allows the farmer to detect disease, drought stress and nutrient deficiencies. Eventually these drones will be tasked with spraying operations as well. Rice farmers adopting this technology is likely due to the high level of precision enjoyed by the technology they use. Remote sensing in California rice fields will increase in popularity in the coming decades. This shift in management methods is spurred on by not only increasing regulation by the state of California but also in an effort to trim costs and boost production.

Protection of the Environment

Rice in California also help with conservation of animals such as birds that depended on natural wetlands during their migration. The California Pacific flyway migration is timed perfectly with the winter flooding of these rice fields. This migration includes more than 100 bird species. CalRice has many resources relating to rice production as well as environmental efforts. For more information on our efforts to help the wild life at Growcision visit our team to learn more about us. Growcision has the goal of meeting the challenges we may face in the future with technology and problem solving. Please visit my site to help support this project of mine for school and for life.

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