Renewable Energy Financing — Funding for Green Energy Projects

funding for Green Energy Projects

Renewable Energy Financing — Funding for Green Energy Projects

Published Nov 5, 2021 

Real Bridging Finance Limited provides access to funding for both small and large renewable energy projects

Renewable Energy Project Finance

We have active investors who provide attractive financing for the following types of renewable energy projects;

  • Utility Scale Solar Projects
  • Community Solar
  • Commercial and Industrial Solar
  • Anaerobic Digestion Projects
  • BioGas/Renewable Natural Gas
  • Waste to Electricity Projects
  • Landfill Gas
  • Gasification Projects
  • Biofuel Production
  • BioMass Crop Production
  • Biorefineries
  • Waste to Energy Production Facilities
  • Waste to Ethanol
  • Hydroelectric (Small Scale)
  • Wind Energy Projects
  • Others

We may also be able to provide sources for equity for the larger, stronger projects.

Biorefinery Funding

This program is available throughout the U.S, EUROPE , Asia and the rest of the world for projects starting at approx $10 million up to approx $300 million and above. Funding is available for biofuels, bio-based products and “renewable” chemicals for construction, development or retrofit of emerging or new technology. Large Gasifiers are eligible for this program if they use Biomass as feedstock.

Rural Renewable Energy Loans

This is a program offered for start up energy systems in rural areas globally. Basic program highlights are as follows:

  • $2 — $25 million
  • 25 year maximum loan
  • 6–7% fixed rates (Spring of 2019)
  • 25% equity required (we have sources for this)
  • Underwritten to a 1.20 to 1.40x debt service coverage ratio depending on the technology, type of feedstock and offtake. (Longer contracted feedstock is preferable).
  • Requires environmental assessment, feasibility study, appraisal and independent engineering report
  • This program can be used in conjunction with other rural energy programs for acquisition, refinance, equipment purchase, land or energy systems

Energy Storage Project Financing

Energy storage project financing is readily available throughout most of the U.S. for:

  1. Solar energy storage projects
  2. Solar Plus storage projects
  3. Non-solar energy storage projects

Fixed rate loans up to 25-years are available. Projects can be pre-qualified at an early stage so you know what is possible before entering into contracts with various parties.

International Projects

We have sources for $50 million+ projects in EUROPE, but the projects need to be exceptionally strong and in stable countries with very good credit ratings.

Developer Program: 100% Loan to Cost Construction Financing Renewable and Alternative Energy Projects

  • Investment/Transaction Size: minimum $100 million
  • Project Locations: EU for most — International only available for much larger projects
  • Projects need to generate a long-term, high quality income stream from Off Taker considered to be “investment grade” by the rating agencies or from unrated companies with especially strong financials and fundamentals
  • Project approval is based on credit of Off-Taker not Developer

Brokers/Intermediaries who will refer business to us is entitled to 0.002% commission on the contract loan thus, after successfully closure of the transaction.

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