Rising Cosmetic Demand Boosts Isostearic Acid Industry

Published Oct 12, 2022 

Isostearic acid can be defined as a liquid fatty acid produced by an oleic acid reaction with a natural mineral. It has a pleasant smell, and high thermal and oxidation stability. It also offers high stabilization of pigments and mineral particles in oils and solvents. There are various uses of liquid fatty acid due to its exceptional stability. The thermal stability is highly beneficial for its usage as a lubricant, while odor stability supports its cosmetic application. And oxidation stability ensures the long-shelf life of the products. The branching structure of this acid also improves the dispersing power.

The isostearic acid is derived from vegetable sources and is considered biodegradable due to its branched molecular structure. The isostearic acids are highly utilized for rubber and polymer, textiles, oil extraction, and industrial and institutional cleaning. The chemical esters widely use isostearic acid due to its multifunctional properties, including water repellent, adhesion, dispersion, and emollient nature. Moreover, chemical esters are highly effective as solubilizers, plasticizers, solvents, and pigment promoters.

Isostearic acid is utilized in color cosmetics, personal care products, and deodorants that offer film forming and spreadability. The wide cosmetic applications of the isostearic derivatives include hair conditioners, skin creams, color cosmetics, moisturizing creams, fine soaps, and shower gel formulations. Isostearic acid leaves a soft feel after its application on the skin. It can be used as a dispersant, co-emulsifier, stabilizer, and emollient. The isostearic acid offers excellent spreadability without causing any oiliness. It is used as a binder for compact powder or eye shadow formulation. It can also be utilized as a cleansing and emulsifying agent due to the presence of ionic and nonionic groups.

Moreover, isostearic acid is used in wax and soap production, rubber compounds, fabric softeners, foodstuffs, and cosmetics. The long chain stearins include slightly higher chain acids that enhance lubricity, water resistance, and oil solubility. Isostearic acids functions as both emollient and co-emulsifier in personal care. It helps the skin for replenishing the natural moisture.

The rising demand for cosmetic products, in turn, will result in increased requirements for isostearic acid. It is due to the rising elderly population, and increasing disposable income. The major cosmetics companies are Avon Products Inc., L’Oreal Group, Oriflame Cosmetics, and The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. keep launching new products from time to time, which would result in an expansion of the cosmetic industry and lead to increasing requirement of the isostearic acid.

The isostearic acid is utilized in the manufacturing of institutional and industrial cleaning chemicals, such as soaps and liquid cleaners. The rising environmental and medical awareness creates an increasing demand for institutional and industrial cleaning in the emerging economies, which will further provide numerous opportunities to isostearic acid manufacturing companies.

The major isostearic acid companies are Croda International Plc, Nissan Chemical America Corporation, Oleon NV, Arizona Chemical Company, Jarchem Industries, and (M) Sdn Bhd.

Therefore, the expansion of the cosmetic industry will in turn create high demand for isostearic acid, and hence provide numerous opportunities for companies to expand their business.