Root growth promoter --Potassium indolylbutyric acid (IBA-K)

Root growth promoter --Potassium indolylbutyric acid (IBA-K)

Published Apr 6, 2022 

Potassium indolylbutyric acid (IBA-K) is the potassium salt of indole butyric acid with relatively stable properties. It is mainly used to promote the development of capillary roots. It can be used as basal application, flushing application, and can also be added with compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, etc. For use, such as seedling cuttings, it is recommended to use it in combination with sodium naphthalene acetate.

Potassium indole butyrate is a root-promoting plant growth regulator, which induces crops to form adventitious roots. It is transmitted from leaf seeds and other parts to the plant body through foliar spraying, dipping roots, etc., and is concentrated at the growing point to promote Cell division induces the formation of adventitious roots, which are characterized by many roots, straight roots, thick roots, and many root hairs. It is easily soluble in water, has higher activity than indole acetic acid, decomposes slowly under strong light, and has stable molecular structure when stored under shading conditions.

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